April 22, 2007

I Work on Wall Street....

How do I handle the erratic daily up and down pressures?

Intention is the censor of our thoughts. It is what determines the quality of each action, each moment, each life experience. Each experience can be steeped in pleasure, pain or ambivalence. We inhale the pleasure of landing a promotion and bask in the sweetness of rising stock prices. In a split second, without warning we realize that this joy is short-lived. The pleasure abruptly changes to pain, as we are passed up for a much-desired promotion or watch a stock plummet.

Because we choose our intention, we are also in control of our experience. Individuals who understand this principle are poised for greatness, both on and off Wall Street. Executives who maintain Right Intention can withstand the neurotic quality of the marketplace and let go of the constant craving for momentary success. In the back of their minds and pit of their hearts, they know that everything is workable. That knowledge evokes a confidence that enables them to stay focused and on course with their views and their missions.


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